Become a Member

Membership is limited to 100 and as such, is focused, the angle being on quality not quantity. We offer bespoke opportunities to meet like-minded influential individuals through a calendar of VIP events. Membership is with the individual not the company, which helps members establish effective business relationships.

The cost to join theProfileClub is £800 per person per year.

Membership is non transferable.

Included in the membership are the bi-monthly breakfast meetings and a number of other VIP events throughout the year. Some of our events may carry an additional charge.

Membership is for a minimum of 12 months.


A range of ‘sponsorship packages’ are on offer linked to the VIP events.

Apply to Join

Be part of ‘The Profile 100’ – download an application form, complete and return either by email or by post.


Membership Approval

All applicants will be contacted within 7 days of their application

theProfileClub reserves the right to approve and refuse membership and, when the club or any sector is over-subscribed, we operate a waiting list.